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Hi, I'm Camile!

I'm an artist from North Yorkshire, currently painting and drawing in my little home studio in the countryside.

I have been creating portraits now for over 10 years, but I have been drawing my whole life.

I work in pencil, and oil paint and am now dabbling with digital art.

Here I will share my love for all things creative.

Come on into my little studio with me and watch me paint for a while, I'll put the kettle on.

Tea or coffee?



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new art supplies and stationary haul
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etsy shop haul and making mini-portraits
My New Home Studio
sketching in public
resting, sketching and meet my baby doggy
Mille's Honeymoon Trafalgar Square 1960 - A Pencil Portrait by Camile Doubtfire
Painting with the iPad and Procreate - Review & Drawing Time lapse


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