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Hello all of you lovely people !

This year I am really trying to be a little bit better at being more open with you all and not just being a floating hand in photos !

So I decided a really old tag on Youtube called the 50 facts about me challenge which will be below if you would like to watch it, if not I'll list them for you here !

  1. I am from Bradford, West Yorkshire, England but Italy is my favourite place in the world and I want to move there ASAP

  2. My best friend is Tiggy, my cat 🐈

  3. Even though I much prefer painting, I draw mostly with pencils - painting makes me nervous

  4. I am engaged ! 💍

  5. Writing lists is one of my favourite things to do ( So writing this right now is giving me life )

  6. I have deep dark fears of going to the hairdressers or having any kind of beauty treatment done at all.

  7. I'm a big nerd, I love Star Wars ( but let's not talk about episode 8 ) gaming and pokemon

  8. I love eating so much, I'm constantly thinking about it

  9. I adore old films, going all the way back to the 1930s

  10. I cannot relax in messy environments

  11. I'm terrible at speaking out loud

  12. I love animals so much an I would really like to be vegan

  13. I was bullied for 2 years in secondary school

  14. My Dad is a tattooist and I lived above his shop for about 9 years, yet I have no tattoos

  15. I can't watch anything about war, people being ill or animals suffering in any way - including Planet Earth

  16. I love trashy TV, The Real Housewives of New York, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Made in Chelsea and The Only Way is Essex are my faves

  17. I'm addicted to fluffy things ( faux of course )

  18. Loud noises really p**s me off

  19. I speak so quietly that sometimes people don't realise I'm actually talking

  20. I hold grudges

  21. I'm a huge technophobe

  22. I do everything really really slowly...

  23. Planes terrify me but I try and keep it to myself ( I don't want to tempt fate )

  24. It's my birthday in 2 weeks and I'll be 29 ! 🎂🎉🎁

  25. I feel like I can read people really easily

  26. I have nightmares every single night 👻

  27. Golden hour is my favourite time of day☀️

  28. Having lots of food stacked neatly in the fridge, all in tupperware gives me so much satisfaction

  29. I love shopping but I'm really tight

  30. I am almost definitely the clumsiest person you know

  31. I'm very quiet but if somebody needs to be told, it's probably me that will do it

  32. I love ornate, Parisian style furniture

  33. I'm very empathetic so I am very easily affected by other peoples moods

  34. I love being alone

  35. I've lived in Yorkshire all my life except for 2 years when I lived in Manchester - I didn't like it

  36. I like to keep my pens in rainbow order 🌈

  37. I find it really difficult to answer my own phone but I have absolutely no problem answering someone else's

  38. I really appreciate good customer service

  39. I can totally understand what my cat is saying

  40. Sometimes I don' leave the house for days - and I like it

  41. If someone turns up at my house unannounced, it really freaks me out - I like to be prepared !

  42. I still have several teddies, 1 I sleep with, 1 is a cat with my actual cat's name and the other is a giant Hello Kitty

  43. I have never filled a sketchbook

  44. I love getting older

  45. I get really into things, but when I draw them, it's totally out of my system

  46. I'm super loyal

  47. When sales people ask me if I'm ok in shops, I feel so uncomfortable I leave

  48. I'm awful at replying to texts

  49. Waking up to an alarm puts me in a bad mood

  50. I'm very bossy !

here is the video if you would like to watch it !

Camile xoxo

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What a lovely Video, Camile. I haven't seen you, since, your Cousin, Donna's Wedding, about 5 years ago," I think"! in Skipton, then we actually met @ the Wedding reception, @ Skipton, Golf Club. Strange that you would LOVE to live in ITALY. Great for Holiday's, but to LIVE there, is totally different, I know, as I went to work there , over 40 years ago. Teaching English. My lovely Neighbor, here in Dewsbury, "Thornhill" was fortunate enough, to receive one of your beautiful Sketches, of Her Doggie, as a Christmas present, from Her, Family. She is thrilled with IT. Many thanks for talking to us, and telling us, about Yourself, Likes & dislikes etc; Love your new H…

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