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I have decided, since I am mostly a commission based artist at the moment to share some of the things I have learnt over the years about getting commissions and to make a mini - series out of it. The first episode is about all of the good things about getting commissions, things you will learn by taking them and the good things that you can expect to happen when you get them.

For more information about this, I have made a video explaining each point more clearly which is below, but for those of you who like to have a quick read, here are the main points.

1. Instant Money

2. Building personal relationships with your clients

3. Experiencing the joy that your artwork can bring

4. Being pushed out of your comfort zone

5. Be able to easily tell what you are doing right and wrong

6. Learn amazing customer service skills

I hope some of you found this helpful !

Next, I will be giving you some tips about how to get commissions !

Camile xoxo

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