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Amazing Books and Wobbly Lines

This year has been many things, but one incredible thing about 2020 for me is that I have rediscovered the magical powers of books. I have been experimenting a lot with my art this year and was in search of some inspiration and as the doors have been closed at all of the wonderful art galleries and museums almost the whole year, I have turned to amazing and beautiful books for my inspiration fix. I have gathered 10 books to inspire my artwork and give my creativity a boost.

Would you like to see what I'm reading ? Maybe you would like to give one of these books a try and we can read it together ? Or maybe you have read some amazing inspiring books and would like to recommend them to me? Yes please ! I would love that !

If you would like to see a flip through these lovely books and hear some more of my thoughts about them then I have filmed a video for you, put the kettle on and grab some snacks for this one it's a long one.

I also thought it would be more fun to illustrate the books rather than take pictures, I have been inking a lot recently so I sketched the outline in pen, forsaking the usual starter sketch. I am working on a tiny corner of my computer desk at the moment so I have all of the wobbly lines but I think there is something quite endearing about an illustration that's a bit curvy, what are your thoughts ?

My new painting tool is Photoshop, I took the plunge this summer and decided to give it a go after drooling over so many artists' incredible digital creations. I don't have a drawing tablet so it's just me and a good old mouse and keyboard, I think I've fallen in love.

It is pretty overwhelming trying to choose colours in photoshop because they have literally every single colour you can imagine so I did a little bit of googling and came across Kristin's beautiful blog where she shares some of the lovely colour palettes she has put together and that is what I used to paint this little illustration with just one or two additional colours, the picture below is my version of her palette.

All of the amazing books !

The pen I used in this illustration is gorgeous and I've already ordered more! It's the -

I'm going to play on Photoshop now, see you soon !



Some of the links provided may be affiliate links but don't worry! This doesn't cost you anything and it is a way for you to support me, (thank you so much!) help me buy more pens and feed my cat!


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