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As you are reading this I am currently sunning myself in Tuscany ☀️

Before I left, as I do before every holiday, I treat myself to a new sketchbook as I am planning on filling the 80 pages with a journal of my trip, which is quite ambitious to say I've never managed to fill a sketchbook before !

When we travel ( my fiance and I ), we usually try to travel as light as possible and just take hand luggage, so I have challenged myself to take limited art supplies and the worlds smallest sketchbook !

I have wanted to try a Moleskine sketchbook for so long as I have heard artists talking about them for years and they always look so fancy in art supply shops, so I thought my birthday month would be the perfect excuse.

I am also taking many Caran D'ache Luminance pencils as I can work much faster with these and I love how the colour range is much like a well prepared painting palette, with different values of the same colour such as Burnt Sienna, Burnt Sienna 50% and Burnt Sienna 10%, these are so useful !

Because I love them so much and I hate to have to choose between the 2, I am also taking a couple of Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, I'm thinking of using these just for line work and small details.

Of course I will need a good sharpener and a little eraser.

I am also taking this Arteza 4h pencil just in case I want to do any rough sketches before I go in with colour.

And that's everything !

Here is the video showing all of the art materials and a little more information if you would like to check it out

See you soon !

Camile xoxo


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