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Creating a Cosy and Calm Environment for Creativity

They say a tidy space is a tidy mind but how do you get yourself in the right mindset for creativity?

The first place I usually start is making sure that I'm calm. I try and start the day by getting up with the sun, I find alarms put me in the wrong mindset so I have trained myself to wake up with the sunshine.

The one thing that keeps me going throughout the day is the possibility of being able to cross something off of my to do list, is it just me that finds this so motivating? I like to write an outrageously detailed list of to do's at the beginning of the day which I will periodically add to every so often.

My studio is North facing which isn't ideal, I have to try really hard to make it a warm and cosy place where I feel relaxed and ready to create. I love to be in a clean and tidy environment whenever I can so I will start by putting everything away that I don't need, putting my fairy lights on, lighting candles, dusting and polishing my desk, watering my studio plants and flowers if I have any, and organising the supplies that I will be using that day.

I play music from Spotify that I know I love. It's important that whatever is on it the background doesn't need my attention throughout the day so I'm not interrupted and I can just get on with my work so I tend to play my favourite albums from over the years, usually ones that I know all of the words to so I don't have to break off and skip song thats I don't like. I also keep my phone on do not disturb so I can focus on the task at hand, making sure to set time aside at a certain point in the day to respond to emails and important phone calls.

I'm a very greedy girl, I'm always thinking about food so it is vital that I have food and drinks within arms reach to stop my going up and down the stairs constantly and wasting my day away. I like to have a big glass of water, a coffee, nuts, and fruit with me so I can mindlessly nibble throughout the day !

I know these ideas are quite basic but I hope this has helped some of you. My studio is an on going project, but I really enjoy slowly adding to it and making it as comfortable and cozy as I can, I think it's really important to have as dedicated space that you enjoy spending time in. If any of you would like to share some tips of your own with me I would love to hear them !




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