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Essentials for Printing your Artwork at Home - an illustration

Home printing is a wonderful thing, especially at the moment with many of us not being able to leave the house. Being able to make your own prints in the comfort of your own home with complete creative control is an incredibly freeing feeling.

Every time I see each print emerge perfectly from my printer I get so excited. Checking each and every print I send to make sure that it is absolutely pristine is so satisfying to me, and I am always safe in the knowledge that if something goes awry, I will be able to fix it in minutes.

Having the opportunity to hand sign and number every single print gives me the sense that I am giving something special to my customers, and hopefully gives them the feeling that they are receiving something special.

2 years ago, I started to invest in a home printing setup of my own as I had just come away from a bad experience with a very famous online printing store and realised I needed to take control.

Over this time period I have put many variations of the products I am sharing with you today through a thorough trial and error. These are (in my humble opinion) the best, most affordable and easy to use essentials to your home printing setup.

Canon Pixma Pro 100s

I started off with the biggest investment I was going to make and that was the printer. I researched this for a long time and kept seeing the same printer pop up again and again. I had very limited funds at the time so this printer pretty much took everything I had but my goodness, it was worth it. Every print comes out beautifully and I haven't regretted the investment for a second.

Canon Pro Luster Photo Paper

If you have never printed your artwork before, you would not believe the difference the right paper can make. The Canon Pro Luster is my current favourite. The colours are so rich and the blacks are deep. Good contrast is something I was struggling to get with other papers and that is very important to me as a lot of my artwork relies on the power of black and its ability to add depth to a painting. It has a smooth surface with a lustrous gloss that shows off the colours to their full potential.

Firbon A4 Paper Cutter

Now you have your print, you will more than likely have some fine tuning to do with the size. To get that delicious crisp edge, you will need a guillotine. The one I use is very inexpensive and perfect for when you are just starting out. It cuts anything up to A4 and you can cut multiple items at a time. I have been using mine for years now and it still works the same as it did when it was brand new.

Micron Sakura Fineliners

Signing each print is something that gives me so much joy and I think also gives customers joy too. It makes your print special and unique. Micron fineliners are wonderful, their inks are super pigmented, they dry quickly, have an excellent lightfastness rating and are archival. I discovered them a few Inktobers ago and have been addicted to them ever since. I use a few different nib sizes for different things, but the slimmer ones are best for signing.

Clear Cello Display Sleeves

The cherry on top for me when packaging a print is putting it in its sleeve. There is something so satisfying about seeing it wrapped up in its clear, dust and finger print display jacket, leaving your print looking polished and professional.

Cardboard Backed Envelopes

You need to make sure your print arrives at its new home just as pretty as it left the your home. One of the worst things that can happen is your print getting bent somewhere along the way. I love these envelopes because they have a cardboard backing which keeps your print straight and also have a pre-printed "Please Do Not Bend" sign on the front, saving you the extra expense and faff of applying a sticker.

Something else you will need is a brilliant scanner. The one I use at the moment has been discontinued and I am looking to update it in the near future so more about scanners later when I have had the chance to research a great one

Watch me draw these illustrations

Watch how I use all of these things and make the perfect print

Camile xxx

* All illustrations drawn by myself and are a direct affiliate link to a purchasable product.



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