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Hand Studies in Oil Paint and Graphite Pencil

I am a greedy girl.

I have the same attitude towards food as I do towards art supplies.

I want them all.

I don't just want to have them all, I want to use them all.

So in an attempt to bring some order into my life, I put 2 of my favourite supplies in a head to head battle and I created 2 hand studies (I love drawing and painting hands!) one in graphite pencil and an the other in oil paint using the same reference photo, and see which one I liked the most

With pencil you get the precision and the crispness that I adore. I tend to approach my artwork from a rather mathematical perspective so I find rendering intricate, minute details completely addictive and there is no better way to achieve that than with a super sharp pencil. But with oils you get so much vibrance and a very dream like quality that you cannot achieve with anything else. By layering so many translucent colours on top of each other, you get so much depth that it practically jumps off the page. I use Liquin as a mixing medium which adds a delicious shine to the paint, almost like it has already been varnished, which makes that final product glossy and expensive looking.

Which finish do you prefer?

There is a full list of the products I used below which are clickable for your ease :)

Speak soon

Camile xx

Fabriano Paper

Synthetic Round Brushes



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