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Being self employed, being organised is so important. I am a big lover of writing lists and having things planned out on paper. I can't get to grips with digital lists and calendars, there is something about physically writing something down that cements the thing in my mind and makes me feel more committed to completing the task.

I'm not sure whether I am embarrassed or proud to tell you that in order to function at my highest level of productivity I need 1 wall calendar, 1 diary, and 5 notebooks... minimum.

There's a big trend at the moment for the bullet journal method which is basically having everything you need to do and track in one place but that just doesn't work for me, it doesn't satisfy my hoarding tendencies enough, I like lots of books, each with a specific job.

The first place I start is my wall calendar. Here I have a colour coded system where I plan all of my deadlines and main non-art related tasks for the day. I use fine liner sharpies on this so each different colour represents a specific task, green for editing and meetings, red for YouTube uploads, pink for filming and baby blue for days off and special occasions.

From my wall calendar, I move over to my week-to-view diary. This is the place for a more detailed to do list where I actually tick off or cross off tasks as I go. These can be anything from plucking my eyebrows to finishing commissions. I like having my to do list here because this way, if I don't manage to complete my whole days tasks, I can still see it the next day and complete it before I move on to the following days tasks. Sometimes I colour code this also depending on the week.

Next I have a devoted note book for video planning. here I write out detailed ideas for videos, things I want to mention and points that I want to make sure that I cover in videos that I can refer to whilst I'm filming. I also have a specific notebook just for planning blog posts that is very similar to the video one, they actually came in a set of 3 from Asda.

I have 2 very small and very well used notebooks that I carry around with me when I'm out of the house and have been using for well over a year. The blue one with the cat on it is for working out any sums I need to do for y business. Things like prices for commissions, how much a personal project has cost me in terms of time and supply costs. The little pink one with the heart on the front is for shopping lists. Anything that I think of that I need to buy the next time I venture into town will go in this book, then directly back into my handbag to refer to the next time I'm out of the house. Both of these are from Wilkos and were only 50p each! Such a perfect size to carry around with you.

The palm leafed beauty is from Paperchase, I got this for my birthday a couple of years ago, sometimes I will write a quick shopping list on one of the peel off notepads but not often. I mainly use this book for writing ideas down for gifts when they come to me so I have all of my ideas in one place when it comes to Christmas or birthdays. This is especially helpful when it comes to buying gifts for all of the men in my life, I find them so hard to buy for and it can be so stressful, so if I have an idea through the year, I write it down in here and come Christmas I have lots of things to choose from ! Each person in my life that I buy for has a specific page.

In these folders I keep important business documents and receipts

Let me know how you keep yourself organised Do you just use the one book or do you have many like me? I l would love to know !

Watch the corresponding video here !

Camile xoxo


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