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How To Paint and Eye with Oil Paint

A few of weeks ago I asked you guys over on my instagram story what you would like to see a youtube video of most and the vast majority of you voted for an eye painting tutorial so here it is.

The products I used for this piece are -

I like to begin with a great reference photo and an accurate pencil drawing. I keep it light so the pigment doesn't mix with the paint later

The next step is to sketch in your values with a paint similar to the skin tone, I used burnt ochre.

Then I begin glazing. I mostly work wet into wet, using very light layers and mixing my colours as I go.

I zoom in on my reference photo in the very final stages and add my darkest darks using pure black paint and my lightest lights using titanium white and sharpen all of the details.

I carefully peel off my tape whilst the paint is still wet, and I'm done :)

You can watch the full video of the process here

Thank you for reading !

Speak soon,

Camile x


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