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I consume a lot of Youtube, since I work from home and I need noise on in the background to concentrate, the discovery of artists on Youtube was such a blessing.

I follow many artists on Youtube, but for now I'm just going to share 3 of my favourites.

I have spoken about Fran on my blog before, she is a globe trotting, vegan, autobiographical illustrator (amongst many other things), I wrote a blog post about her here if you would like more information about her, but as I consume her content the most, I had to mention her again. I love her videos so much as they feel a little bit like you are drawing alongside a friend which is lovely when you work alone !

Holly is a vegan food illustrator and her videos are very reflective of the things that are important to her and that drive her, she's a very morally driven person and that really comes through in her content. She also creates personal lifestyle vlogs which I really enjoy because as much as I am interested in the art of an artist, I am just as, if not more interested in the person behind it.

Stefan is a Plein Air, Alla Prima oil painter who also lectures art students. His videos are filmed sections of some of his classes and I never miss them as they are so jam packed full of the most helpful nuggets of information if you are learning to paint with oils.

As always I have also filmed a video on this topic if you would like to hear a little bit more about this talented bunch !




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