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October Favourites

My favourite things from October that made life just that bit more fabulous.

Beauty - I have always loved lip products and have searched for the perfect lipstick since I was an early teen. You know the one, the "Your Lips But Better" lipstick. A lipstick that can be worn sheerly on casual days and dramatically in an evening. Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk in shade medium is the one I have been dreaming of all this time. It is slightly deeper in tone than the original Pillow Talk, making it perfect for this Autumnal time we are in. I also wanted something that is beautiful in itself, that is ornamental, and the glossy rose gold packaging is elegant and understated, complementing any dressing table.

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light has been my prized possession for a couple of years since I received it from my mum one birthday, I have never known a powder act the way this one does, it glows without sparkle giving you a perfect sun-kissed look. The unique colour and pearlescent shine will make it a staple in my make-up bag forever.

Film - I am a huge Sopranos fan so, when I heard that they were making a prequel, I was beyond excited. "The Many Saints Of Newark" was excellent. I enjoyed it so much I watched it twice in one week! I loved the story, the Easter eggs, the fashion, and I thought the acting was incredible. Alessandro Nivola gave me chills with his portrayal of Dickie Moltisanti. I highly recommend it to any Sopranos fans.

Artist - Aenniyam on Instagram has truly blown my mind this month. His paintings are something special, so atmospheric and unique. The combination of unusual perspectives, muted colour palette and individual style will take your breath away. The interesting viewpoints make you feel like you are watching something take place that you shouldn't be witnessing. They are dark and beautiful, fluid and full of life. I can't wait to see more of his work!

Recipe - The cookbook "Fabulicious!" by Teresa Guidice has never failed me. This month I made (and remade and remade) "Joe's Juicy Meatballs", and they were such a hit, not only for how delicious they are, but they are also simple to make. You just mix them up, roll them into balls, pop them in the oven, then finish them in the sauce, leaving lots of time in between to enjoy a pre-dinner drink! I like to serve mine with a simple salad, some fried potatoes and a glass of red.

New Purchase - I purchased the ISOUL stylus pen at the beginning of the month to make my little Instagram story illustrations easier. They are a double-ended pen with a stylus on one end and an ink pen on the other - very handy to have here, there, and everywhere! Imagine how happy I was when I realised that the one pen I ordered was a pack of 3! I have one on my desk, one in my handbag and one next to the sofa. I'm thinking I need at least one more pack, one for the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedside table!

Audiobook - My favourite book of the month and one of my favourites of all time is Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. Since I have been on a Harry potter bender this past few weeks, I can't deny that this is the best thing I have read (again and again). It's kind of like when you are watching a TV series, and the penultimate episode is always better than the season finale. This certainly won't be my last read, but I will have a little break when I have finished this re-read to discover something new.

Restaurant - I had the pleasure of going for a lovely lunch at Pizza West in Whitby this past weekend. The atmosphere there is like no other restaurant I have ever been to before. There is a big log burner in the middle of the restaurant, with almost entirely windowed walls, making it bright and airy yet cosy and warm. The chefs cook your food in the middle of the room, surrounded by an abundance of fresh produce and some raised seating so you can watch your food being prepared while you eat if that's your thing. I had the nduja and prawns to start, the Tuscan sausage pizza (no cheese for me please) for my main with a couple of glasses of a lovely Sicilian white wine, followed by limoncello over ice. I would like to come back again with some friends as it's a very atmospheric restaurant that would be great to enjoy with a group of people.

Game - My Harry Potter obsession has reached a new level - I am now addicted to the mobile game "A Hogwarts Mystery". The game is set in 1984 and begins with you receiving your acceptance letter to Hogwarts and making a trip to Diagon Alley. There is the perfect amount of nostalgia in this game without feeling like you are repeating the same story we all know and love (not that I would object to that!). If you are a Potterhead like me and haven't tried it yet, download it, it's free!

What did you enjoy the most about October? I feel like now Halloween is over, everyone is getting ready for Christmas already! I am currently taking in everything wonderful about the month of November and will leave the gifts and Christmas trees for next month.

Camile x

About the painting

I painted this image in Procreate on an iPad Pro using some of my own photos for reference and some from the that I found on Google.

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