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Pumpkins and Pine Cones

Autumn is many peoples favourite time of the year. I was chatting to a friend the other day about how his favourite season is Autumn which got me thinking about my favourite season.

Winter begins with the excitement of Christmas, New Year's Eve and lots of birthdays, often feeling like a never-ending party. The weather turns white and snowy. Work slows down for most people - you get to enjoy each other in a way you can't for the rest of the year. In Spring, Spring is my favourite for all of the excitement of new life. Summer is hot and lazy - every day feels like a holiday. Autumn brings its magical warm colour palette that only shows up for this short time. In terms of fashion, Autumn dressing resonates with my personality the most. I love layering and lots of accessories. I get to pull all of my favourite jumpers, boots and coats out of hiding, topping them off with many different hats, gloves and scarves. It seems to be whichever season I am currently in at the moment is my favourite.

Autumn is a magical time where the sun is low and casts large shadows everywhere. It feels like an almost constant Golden Hour. Sunshine is becoming a sought-after commodity. We start to relish and appreciate every moment of light that comes through the window. The leaves change colour and fall to the ground leaving more of a mushy, slippery carpet than the crunchy one you hear about in other countries. Pine cones and conkers become our everyone's favourite things to collect and scatter around our homes. It is the time of year we can get our favourite candles out, put the fire on and be our cosiest and snuggliest selves.


This year I tried to book a slot at a pumpkin farm. Much to my dismay, although I was booking a few weeks in advance, it just wasn't enough time and everywhere was fully booked. Next year I will be making an effort to book well in advance! I did manage to get a little pumpkin from the supermarket - I haven't had one since I was a little girl. I don't have the heart to carve him up and put him outside yet. He is currently sitting proudly on my kitchen counter until I choose the perfect recipe for him.

With the weather growing colder and wetter, my appetite is growing. I am craving all of the comfort foods. Cottage pies, Yorkshire puddings, roasted vegetables, soups and big chunks of bread and butter! There is nothing more welcoming than coming home from a cold, wet walk into the warmth, with the sounds and smells of a gently bubbling pot simmering away full of your favourite winter warmer.


We still have furniture to buy and build, mirrors to hang, pictures to frame - there hasn't been any room for festive decorating. One thing I have been doing is burning candles. I bought these candles months ago from Shearer Candles. They smell beautiful even when you don't burn them, I have been holding onto them until the time was right, and the time is now! My favourite is the Amber Noir, a tall, black pillar candle that sits on my desk. The smell is nostalgic and luxurious, warm and rich. It was also perfect for Halloween since it's black!


Harry Potter books are a year-long obsession of mine. I have lost count of how many times I have read the books. This year I bought myself an audible subscription, slowly building my collection every month. There is something so festive about Harry Potter with its descriptions of the typical Scottish winds and downpours and the mouthwatering feasts, guaranteed to get me in the mood. Now I have collected all seven Harry Potter books and listened to them at least five times, I am on the lookout for a new series to delve into that gives me the same warmth and magical feelings that Harry Potter does.


Nothing says Autumn / Winter like a festive beverage. Whilst I can't make the most of the alcoholic or caffeinated drinks at the moment, I am very much enjoying something more family-friendly.

These days I am starting my day with a cup of warm oat milk (which without a doubt has to be with Oatly Barista). I was raised on malt drinks when it came to this time of year though as they are heavily dairy-based, a cup of warm oat milk (pop it in the microwave for 40 seconds) is the closest I have found to that creamy yet biscuity flavour. Feel free to add a drop of honey if the mood takes you!

I have been searching for more autumnal drinks to snuggle up with before bed. I found a delicious recipe on BBC Good food (always my go-to!) for mulled apple juice that I will try next week. I'll let you know how it goes!

Have you been enjoying Autumn? I feel like now Halloween is over, the excitement for Christmas has begun. Are you ready for it? Does it feel too early?

If you have any book, food or drink suggestions, do let me know, I would love to hear them!

Camile x

About This Illustration

Created digitally using the IPad Pro and Procreate.

I used photos from Zoe Sugg and Lydia Millen's Instagrams for reference alongside a little bit of imagination.

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