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Sketching Swans

Last week on January 13th would have been my Grandad's birthday. Over breakfast Antony asked me what things my Grandad liked. I reeled off a long list of things as we ate our toast and drank our teas; hedgehogs, beeswax, drawing, fags, swans, morrisons cafe... On and on I droned as the memories came back to me then after breakfast we both skipped off to our separate offices and got on with some work.

3 hours later and another meal down, we left for our lunchtime walk and was given a choice of 2 places we could go, I asked why those 2 and Antony said "We are going to see the swans for your Grandad".

15 minutes in the car and we pulled up at St. Ives which has a lovely pond full of all sorts of birds and lots and lots of swans!

When I got home I just had to do some studies from the photos and videos I had taken and this is the result. I started in my sketchbook with a mechanical pencil then moved on to my ipad and used procreate to colour them in!

I'm so happy that we went to see the swans to celebrate my Grandad's birthday and couldn't believe how thoughtful it was of Antony to think of it.

Also, this is my first post of 2021! I hope you all had an amazing beginning to the year!

See you very soon




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