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Updated: May 25, 2018

If you have been watching my stories on Instagram and Facebook, you will know that I officially closed commissions last night to work on personal projects.

There are a few reasons for this but the one I will focus on today is that there was something (or several somethings) that just didn't seem right to me with my finished pieces.

I tried to make time to identify what the problem was but more and more commissions kept coming in and I realised I just had to properly set aside some time for learning.

I made the announcement Wednesday evening and was excited to start working on my travel journal the following day.

I woke up intending to do a photorealistic drawing of the David statue by Michelangelo that I saw in Florence a couple of weeks ago, I then thought that would kind of defeat the point of what I was trying to do so I selected a few of the colours from my collection that I rarely got the chance to use and decided to just use those.

I started by marking out the darkest areas, when I stepped back from the lines I had made I realised that I loved the softness of the image as it was, there were no heavy marks weighing it down and it just felt as though the artwork could breathe. At the same time, the lines that I had made were pretty awful, wobbly with incoherent line weights. Just like that I had something I could work on!

I could easily disguised these lines by softening them up and blending them out but I don't want to, I like that I can see my flaws so clearly.

I want to get better as an artist and I don't feel like I can do that unless I push myself out of my comfort zones and stop drawing the same things all the time, using the same colours in the exact same way.

This drawing only took me a few minutes so I think it would be a great exercise for me to try and do one of these a day and see how I improve.

Oh my god I hope I improve.

Wish me Luck !

All of my supplies are listed below along with the video that goes along with this and a time lapse of this drawing !

Camile xoxo

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