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What Should I Draw?

Sometimes it can be a struggle to think of something to draw, especially when you are drawing every day. When I was little, I was constantly asking my mum, "What should I draw?" Partly because I wanted to make something for her that she would like, but mostly because I couldn't narrow down the billions of things I wanted to draw and just choose one.

These days I am a little bit better, I don't ask people to tell me anymore, I know I love to draw faces so portraiture will probably always be my main passion. Anybody who knows me knows I adore animals so pet portraiture is a natural choice for me, I have done a lot of dog portraits over the past couple of years and for some reason stopped around the halfway point of last year. A commission then came in at the end of the year for a portrait of a beautiful 1 year old French Bulldog named Nestor du Domaine de Chanez, and it wasn't until I started that I realised just how much I had missed drawing my little furry friends.

Strangely, it is since around the time that I stopped drawing dogs consistently last year that I began struggling with my art a bit, not with coming up with ideas as such but I just wasn't enjoying the process or the finished result and I couldn't figure out why, which is why I am so grateful for this commission in particular, it brought me back to something I love to do. Many people think that just because you have an interest in art or enjoy drawing that you enjoy drawing everything and that's just not the case, it makes such a difference to the final result and the over all experience of creating a piece if you can combine 2 of your passions, and that it the lesson I have learnt from this portrait.

This is the first piece I have finished in a while where I can see real growth in my work and that is so exciting. So, if you are ever lost and don't know what to draw, just ask yourself, what else do you really love?

Watch the Full video of me creating this portrait here

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