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Social media can be great, but it can also be a complete drag. If you use social media to advertise your small business like I do, you will understand what I mean. Each platform more or less demands at least daily uploads, different content catered to suit their individual needs, and after 3 years, it was starting to feel a little lack-lustre.

The beginning of this year (it's still the beginning right?) has been incredibly busy for me with commissions, and as is the usual case with the type of commissions I get, they were all meant as surprise gifts for the buyers' loved ones, which of course meant that I also had to keep them a secret until the receivers' birthday or whatever special occasion they were meant for. This meant that I had no time to create any content to upload to social media, which immediately put me into a panic, how am I going to advertise my business if I can't upload anything for 6 - 8 weeks?

It actually didn't take long for me to realise how ridiculous I was being. I already had the work, my diary was full, but I was in the habit of having 5pm as my uploading time and had it in my mind that if I didn't do that every single day, people would forget about me and my business that I have worked so hard on over the past few years, would end up down the drain.

So I took a (completely metaphorical) chill pill and just cracked on with the work that I had in, and to my absolute amazement, work just kept coming, new followers on social media continued to trickle in and it was like nothing had changed, except the pressure was off.

Every person that is giving advice on how to grow a business online tells you that you must be uploading everywhere every single day, and I must tell you that even though that is a lovely idea, the opposite has worked out very well for me recently. I thoroughly enjoyed my time away from facebook and instagram and now I feel fully loaded and rested (even though I've been working like crazy), like I've had a mini holiday.

So if you are feeling rung out from the pressures of social media, take a month off, or a weekend off at least, it will do you good.

Here is the video that corresponds with this blog

Thank you for reading, you are the beeeesssttt !

Camile xoxo


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